Chapter 12

Boy Friend

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Transcript for Chapter 12

Transcript for Chapter 12A

The scene opens where the conversation between Jade and Justice left off in the last chapter. Jade is wearing the black and white raglan that she slept in the night before. Her hair is a limp version of her normal unbrushed mess. She looks wary and disbelieving at what Justice has just told her.

Jade: What...?

Justice's eyes are closed. He's quite serious. He's also dressed casually, in a thin white t-shirt with a fashionably-wide collar.

Justice: That's the rule. No dating. No boys.

Jade is shocked.

Jade: Are you jerking me around?

Justice also seems surprised.

Justice: It's in the contract. Didn't you see it?

Jade: No!

Justice: It's on page three. You even initialled it.

Jade: I initialled everything you pointed at! I didn't have time to read it!

Justice looks away and laughs awkwardly, a bit guilty.

Justice: Oh. Oops.

Jade looks dismayed. Completely stunned.

Jade: That's crap...

Justice: You're supposed to be innocent, you know? And always "available" for the fans. Not that the fans stand a chance of getting close to you, but it's all imaginary anyway.

Up until this point, Jade has been only dazed by the news. Suddenly the meaning really hits her, and she gets angry.

Jade: That's crap, man! Half of my friends are guys!

We see that Jade is sitting on a stool in a small but professional makeup room. Her body is hunched over defensively. Justice is walking away as he responds.

Justice: Are you going out with any of them?

Jade stews to herself.

Jade: No, but it would be nice to know I could if I wanted to.

Justice smirks a little from behind a long rack of clothes.

Justice: I wasn't aware dating was so important to you.

Jade: What's important to me in your increasingly fascist world, Harrison, is maintaining as many of God-given rights as I possibly can.

Justice returns, holding an article of clothing in each hand.

Justice: Here. It's just some jeans and a cami, but put it on.

Jade is wary as she takes the jeans.

Jade: What's it for?

Justice: Something to "arrive" in.

He points backward to where they came from.

Justice: You're going to have to go back outside, get in a cab, and let the cameramen film your arrival to the studio.

Jade: Oh, for pete-

She's got a hand on her face and her eyes are closed, as though the whole process is stupid and exhausting.

Jade: Why can't I just wear what I have on?

Justice puts one hand on a hip, a bit effiminate.

Justice: I don't like black on you. It looks bad and films worse.

Jade sighs.

Jade: Fine.

she starts to take off her shirt. Then she remembers that Justice is still standing there and she looks over at him. He's watching her dispassionately, but she yanks her shirt back down and yells at him.

Jade: Would you at least turn around?!

Justice: Sure.

He whirls, unconcerned. He stands there with his arms crossed, not looking in any obvious direction while Jade starts to undress.

Justice: 'Course, this room is half mirrors, but whatever.

Jade's shirt is off; she clutches it in front of her chest and tries to hide behind it.

Jade: Then don't look!

Transcript for Chapter 12B

Opens with Jade and Justice alone together on one side of the Harrison Studios makeup room. Jade has put on the cami Justice gave her and is in the process of changing the rest of her outfit. She is sitting on one of the stools and taking off her shoes. Jeans lie across the stool next to her. Justice faces away, idly looking at his phone to give her some privacy. Jade removes one shoe thoughtfully.

Jade: If I make it into Bouquet, it'll be years before I can even get near a guy. I'll be in my twenties.

Justice's eyes stay on his phone.

Justice: Basically, yes.

Jade looks at him askance. Her question is maybe a little more vulnerable than she intended to be with him.

Jade: So...what do I do?

Justice: You do what they do. Act out with somebody safe.

Jade stands up, holding the jeans. It's implied that she's removed her shorts in this time.

Jade: Safe? Who do they know that's "safe" besides you-

Suddenly, Jade realizes the predicament Justice is in with the Bouquet girls. She stares at his back as she thinks about what this means.

Jade: [Oh. No wonder he's detached.]

She pulls on the jeans.

Jade: [Being a gentleman with cute girls is one thing, I guess, but how do you do it when America's Sweethearts are crawling all over you because you're the closest thing they have to a boyfriend? Still, just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's normal.]

She buttons the jeans.

Jade: I hope you're not expecting me to get all freaky with you like that, 'cause it ain't gonna happen.

Justice continues to look at his phone. His face shows no real reaction.

Justice: That's good. Seven girls is easier to deal with than eight.

Jade kind of glares at him.

Jade: If it's hard on you, why don't you just ask them to keep their hands to themselves?

Justice grins. Jade can't see it, and she probably wouldn't have understood the grin even if she could; it's the grin that says it goes completely against the nature of a teenage boy to tell cute girls to "keep their hands off."

Justice: It's like what you said before. If I tell them something like that, I have to tell them why.

Jade is bent over in the background, probably putting on her shoes.

Justice: Besides, I like those girls. They're my friends.

He twirls his phone between his index fingers contentedly. His expression is blissful and a little dopey.

Justice: Give me a group of sweet, snuggly, good-smelling girls over a bunch of stinky bros anyday.

Jade stands there with her hands on her hips.

Jade: You're playing with fire, Justice.

Justice: Are you dressed?

Jade: Yeah.

Justice turns to look at Jade. He takes in her new outfit and smiles.

Justice: Ah, spaghetti straps. They add like twenty instant cute points.

Jade's annoyed.

Jade: I can't believe you're the only boy I'm allowed to hang out with anymore. You shouldn't even qualify.

Justice turns and starts to leave. He's still grinning.

Justice: And that's why you get to hang out with me.

Jade follows him unhappily.

Jade: Bleh.

Transcript for Chapter 12C

Opens with Justice and Jade walking down a corridor in Harrison Studios. They end up near an exit that leads outside. Justice puts his hand on Jade and turns her to face him; he's very serious.

Justice: This is probably the last time we'll get to talk to each other alone. There won't be much I can do to help you once the cameras are on you. Just remember to have fun and keep having fun. It doesn't have to by as miserable as you think it is.

Jade looks away, unconvinced.

Jade: Yeah, yeah.

Justice: I'm serious. I've been trying to figure this out all night, and I think I've got it. The siller and cuter you are, the more power it will have because it will feel so fresh.

Justice stares right at her, trying to get her to believe him.

Justice: Other girls could go overboard with it, but I don't think you can. Got it? Don't hold back.

Jade takes a deep breath. She exhales and nods, determined.

Justice: Can you smile?

Jade gives him the best smile she can muster, which is more like a grimace. Justice pats her shoulder soberly but tries to encourage her.

Justice: You're getting there. Just keep working at it.

Jade: Okay.

Justice: Last thing. What's Harrison going to be looking at when you dance?

Jade looks down at her hand to read the notes she put there in Sharpie.

Jade: He wants to see me listen, keep moving, and control my temper.

Justice presses her.

Justice: And what's the fourth thing?

Jade drops her hand and look at him, annoyed.

Jade: There is no fourth thing.

Justice: Yes, there is. No more drawing on yourself.

Jade glances away from him; we can see that she's worried.

Jade: Justice, I know this sounds crazy, but I have to draw.

She looks at him and holds her hands up in supplication, trying to make him understand.

Jade: When I don't do it I feel like I'm missing my right arm and most of my sanity. And I don't think Harrison's going to like it if I start marking all over his walls and his fancy costumes.

Justice squints at her.

Justice: Better than marking all over his idols.

Jade pleads a little harder.

Jade: Come on, man. Don't you have anything that you're passionate about like that?

Justice looks up thoughtfully. He's smiling a little, maybe amused, maybe guilty.

Justice: I think I understand the feeling. Anyway, I got you this.

He pulls a sketchbook out of his duffel bag and gives it to her. She accepts the book in surprise and awe.

Jade: This is for me?