Chapter 16

Finger "Pops"

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Transcript for Chapter 16

Transcript for Chapter 16A

Opens with Katrina, arms crossed, addressing Jade and Amber. The two girls are nervous about what she's going to make them do.

Katrina: Make some space and stand up straight with your arms out beside you.

As they do what they're told, Amber glares at Jade. Jade knows her sister so well that she can practically read her thoughts.

Amber, via Twin Telepathy: Told you you were going to get us in trouble.

Katrina: Very straight, like a T.

Jade is humbled and a little regretful.

Jade, via Twin Telepathy: I know, sorry.

Katrina: Don't lock your knees.

The twins stand next to each other with their arms out, as instructed. Katrina gestures to the two of them while the other girls look on.

Katrina: The rest of you, stand like Amber and Jade. Now, technically these two were the only ones screwing up my dance.

Amber sweats, bothered by having been named again.

Katrina: But the way things work in groups is this: when somebody goes down, they drag everybody down.

We get a close-up of Katrina, eyes narrowed.

Katrina: So now we're all going to do finger-pops.

Katrina lifts her arms in a rigid T.

Katrina: Like this.

She closes her hands into balls. Then, with one explosive maneuver, flicks all her fingers out so that her hands are spread out wide. She demonstrates more of these finger-pops while all the girls mimic her example.

Katrina: One. Two. Three. Can you do that?

The girls answer with more finger-pops.

Katrina: Good. Here are the rules of finger-pops. You do not drop your arms. You do not droop. Most importantly, you pop on the beat with everyone else. We're a team. We pop together. Got it?

Several of the girls murmer responses.

Amy: Uh-huh.

Hannah: Yes, ma'am.

Grace: Got it.

A cameraman snaps pictures while Katrina keeps giving instructions.

Katrina: We're going to do twenty-five finger-pops. But if anyone breaks her posture or pops off the beat, we start over. At no point are you to drop your arms. Once we get to twenty-five, we go back to dancing. Everyone ready?

Jade isn't sure what the big deal is.

Jade: That doesn't sound so bad.

Katrina starts the count in a loud voice.

Katrina: Okay, let's go! One, two, three...

Katrina helps them out by clapping out the beat as she counts.

Katrina: Four! Five! Six! Seven!

The girls pop to the beat and some time passes.

Katrina: Fourteen! Fifteen!

Jade rolls her eyes as she pops. She thinks the whole thing is stupid.

Katrina: Sixteen, seventeen...everyone stop, but don't drop your arms. Bridgette's rhythm is off. Let's start over.

Bridgette, a petite blonde, blushes and looks humiliated to have been called out.

Katrina: One. Two.

Jade frowns, grumpy about having to start over.

Katrina: Three. Four.

A little more time passes. Katrina notices a drooping arm.

Katrina: Eleven. Twelve. Hannah, your arms are drooping. Start over.

Hannah, horrified, snaps her arms up into the correct position as Katrina begins the count again. Jade grimaces like she's finally starting to realize that this is no fun.

Jade: [How many times is she going to do this? We can't hold our arms out forever.]

Transcript for Chapter 16B

Katrina is still calling out the count while the girls do their finger-"pops."

Katrina: Sixteen, seventeen. Bridgette, rhythm. One. Two...

Suddenly, Jade gets it. She understands that this is intentionally supposed to suck. Her eyes get wide and she starts to really sweat.

Jade: [Oh, crap.]

She glances over at Amber and Amber is looking back, sweaty and worried.

Jade: [She's seriously going to make us keep doing this until we get it right.]

Katrina: Nine.

The other girls are looking miserable. A couple of them are on the verge of letting her arms droop, one of whom is Amy. Jade yells at them all...encouraging?

Jade: Hey, you jokers better shape up and pay attention or we're going to be standing here until our arms fall off!

Katrina: Ten...

Amy: No one cares what you think, Jade! It's your fault we have to do this in the first place!

Katrina: Eleven...

Jade: Yeah, but if you drop your arms it's going to be your fault for starting us over!

Amy grumbles to herself but straightens her arms.

Jade is tired and sweating, but she still smirks over at Amber.

Jade, via Twin Telepathy: [This is what you wanted to do, right? Join the ranks of the world's most elite military gummy bears?]

Katrina: Fourteen.

Amber mashes her lips together and glares, looking kinda like Jade when Jade's bitter about something.

Amber, via Twin Telepathy: [Bite me.]

Katrina: Fifteen.

The contestants are starting to get really tired, so Katrina encourages them in her sort of unloving way.

Katrina: Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Relax everything except your arms and put all of your focus right there. Eighteen, nineteen.

Jade looks at her own arms with one eye; the other is squinted shut from the strain.

Jade: [This sucks. My muscles feel like they're turning into lava.]

Katrina: Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Lexie.

People gasp or sob in fear.

Lexie (terrified, gasping): What?

Katrina: You're not even flicking.

Lexie: Yes, I was! I was flicking!

Katrina: I was watching and no, you weren't. One, two...

Girls make sobbing sounds and look amazed/horrified. They seriously can't believe they have to start over.

Katrina: If you think there's a chance I might let you give up without finishing this, let that hope die right now. I've trained eight generations of Bouquet girls and I know what you're capable of. Six. Seven.

Jade (sweating, shaking, and glaring): [Right now I'm capable of murder, you freaking dance Nazi. This isn't training, it's torture.]

Author's Note: I hated changing "flicks" to "pops," but unfortunately "flicks" looks too much like a Jade-word in our all-caps font. We tried to fix it, but after wasting way too much time on it we decided to change it to "pops" and get our butts back to work.